Lost of all tears,


French, Shiki Tohno, compelled by the mysterious unknowable force, work in a Foot Locker, Muv Luv icon, Corpse Husband fan, pregnant, resist the radiomagnetic waves, catboy, have neon scenecore eyeburn carrd or layout, kin from Enstars, are going to the same circle of Hell as me (its kinda awkward), watch Friends, you have solved the Witch’s Epitaph, listen to Burzum, prone to brainwashing and mindcleaning experiments, urologist, spent money on Fate/Grand Order or Genshin Impact, have reincarnated more than 12 times, male therapist, a homunculus flesh puppet that someone’s soul will transfer into in case of death however due to your lack of soul currently you need to be kept in a constant state of euphoria to avoid massacring innocent civilians, interacted with or seen the lost snail, ignore your responsibilities when you have to take care of the lighthouse with me, urologist, kinned from IT (2017) at any point in your life no matter how many times you have remade your tumblr account to escape the past, those who have not already faced the nothingless void, British, you can't hear the voices in the walls, or are (or friends with) a CIA backed psychological operation.

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My sight blinded of faith